Monday, July 09, 2007

Bullet updates - because I can't manage much else! And, to make things interesting, in reverse chronological order!!

  • Lucky is falling asleep in his swing - oh! the sweet reunion of baby and the swing. He has leaned forward and mouthed all over the little ball toy on the tray for the last 30 minutes. Now he's falling asleep with his head hanging forward. When I tried, just now, to lean him back, he complained. Sleeping peacefully with pappy in mouth, now.
  • Returned last night from a trip to Dauphin Island. (remember? FIL owns a condo down there.) A 6-hour drive took 9 hours. Let's just say there was crying, screaming, inconvenient-for-travel meals, diapers, poops and an exhausted supply of baby food.
  • Oh, and a Interstate FULL of others leaving the beautiful Gulf Coast and returning home for work and regular life today.
  • Yes, I know I'm spoiled, getting to go to the Island 3 times this year already. But I suspect this will be my last trip for the summer. But I am hoping to go again later in the year when the weather is cooler.
  • The Dauphin Island Estuarium is a neat (if very small) aquarium type place. Good for an hour of entertainment for a hyperactive 6 y-o. Lots of "lookmommymommylooklookmommymommylook!"
  • The Mighty Hunter came home without us on the 4th. My dad drove down and delivered my mom so that she could stay the rest of the week and become all islandy too.
  • The Mighty Hunter had washed the sheets and was putting them back on our bed when we got home. (Oh, yeah, he'll get rewarded for that one.) He had also washed his own clothes too.
  • The sky may just fall later today.
  • It's raining here. More evidence that the sky may fall.
  • The condo lacks very little. But among the things it lacks are king-sized beds, jacuzzi/hot tub and some form of internet connection. I tried to borrow a connection from anyone nearby, but everyone there has their connection secuuuured. (Say that in your head with a whiny voice and your nose wrinkled up and kinda pissy.) So, I haven't read my blogs since Tuesday night and have, obviously, not written anything since before we left.
  • I should have warned y'all that we were leaving town and don't worry and feed the animals, but I forgot.
  • Toyota replaced the seatbelt mechanism in my Pimped Out Mamamobile before we left. My husband and daughter are seatbelt impaired. They, especially he, are prone to twisting the seatbelt and getting it stuck. On Father's Day, he did it for the second time and actually broke the stupid thing. Don't ask me how. I don't know. I've just threatened that if he ever does it again, that I'll just cut the seatbelt off and beat him with it.
  • We ate some decent food. Mostly sandwiches and chicken tenders from every fastfood place that sells that sort of delicacy. But we did take Stinkerbell to her favorite place to eat down at the Gulf - Lamberts. It's a ritual for her, what can I say? And for those of you who enjoy laughing at people falling down or tripping or swatting at invisible spider webs - I got hit by a hot roll. Smack. in. the. face. But the mosquito bites I got while waiting somehow make up for the black eye.
  • I didn't really get a black eye, but there are probably 25 mosquito bites on my ankles alone.
  • Stinkerbell was stung by another jellyfish and is now afraid of the ocean. crap.

Now, looking over my Google Reader, I see that you've all been busy. I need to get busy reading, but things like dirty clothes and no food in the fridge and bills that need to be paid might cause significant delays.

Just know, I've missed you all terribly. More than is normal or healthy. I could probably benefit from some friends who are, you know, in my own town.

Anyhoo... I'll be posting more now that I'm all connected again.

And, I missed you. sniff sniff


Anonymous said...

Wow...You have been busy...

Glad you are back..

(It's Janet, I've changed scenery since you've been gone...Delete my other site and change your reader!!!!)

Anonymous said...

That's a full post!
I was getting a little worried about you!

moosh in indy. said...

I'll catch you up on my week, the treadmill made me orgasm.
That's all that happened.
You may check me off your reader.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

You got hit on the head!? ha!

I love, love, love 9 hour car rides with children. Loads of fun.