Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Miscellany

Country Club - I wore a short skirt that barely fits my fluffy butt and a top with a cami under it. I felt like a dope. A dope from 1999. But at least I wasn't in my Hanes athletic shorts and tennis shoes. Dinner was delicious. It was a seafood buffet, with pork and chicken and something else I remember being too rare for me. We were pretty much the youngest families there and definitely the only ones with kids in tow. Lucky and Stinkerbell were the centers of attention.

There was a table next to us filled with septuagenarians and octogenarians (words for the day) having a birthday. They shared cake with the kiddos. One older gentleman loved talking to the kids and kept calling Stinkerbell over and talking to her. (I had my eagle-eye on him the whole time, having been "mistreated" by an older man as a big kid.) He claimed to be a "movie star," which thrilled Stinkerbell. He gave her a dollar, which made me super-uncomfortable. How do you handle it when strangers give your children gifts/money?


Our friends had recently added on to their house. It looks great. It makes me sick though. They have all this stuff that I don't have and I know they make the exact same money as us. Actually a little less, since I get a small weekly check for the work I've done there since start-up - and still do. The difference between us and them is debt. We are debt-phobic. We owe for my Pimped Out Mamamobile and The Mighty Hunter's Mighty Truck and his Rhino. We live rent/mortgage-free in a nice, comfy home in exchange for its upkeep. (FIL's house. He travels year-round and owns the condo on Dauphin Island, plus his late mother's house.) The free house thing is great, except I have closets full of other people's stuff and pictures and decorations that belonged to FIL and the late MIL. It seriously needs paint and carpet, and The Mighty Hunter refuses to put money into this house - saving our money for our house. I get all that. I just want something that is mine.

back to our friends: They have to be drowning in debt. I know they don't put any money back for anything at all really. I just see what they have and know that if they can afford it, so can we.

I also wonder how they make all the monthly payments they must have.


I lit The Mighty Hunter's head on fire last night, twice. He thanked me.

Although I would love to just leave this hanging and all 3 of you wondering, my OCD requires me to explain... dangit

He found some "ear candles" left over from when his mother was still alive. After her diagnosis and up to the last 3 months of her life, she used a large amount of homeopathic/herbal/alternative treatments. (While snickering several of them, I must give credit to her discipline, determination and fighting for her life with most every method available to her. She was given 6 months to live and lasted 2 years.) Ear candling was one of the things she did that I snickered at. She actually came to our house and had me help her with it.

How many of you have had the distinct honor of burning a candle poked into your MIL's ear?

So, The Mighty Hunter keeps the tv turned up very loud, which causes me to complain a lot. He just thought it was me, but admitted last night that "others" have made the same complaints as I (me?). He thinks his ears may be full of wax. And decided to let me candle them.

I think he has damaged his hearing over the years shooting without ear protection. I know that loud music has done some damage to my ears.

I told him that he would probably wear hearing aids sometime over the next few years.

His response: "huh?"

smart a$$


Lucky is sitting up almost unassisted. He leans forward and props with his chubby hands. He raised himself up to a sitting position by pulling on my hands last night. He also learned to pull the blanket off his face for peek-a-boo.

He will be 6 months next week and is wearing 9 months and 12 months sized clothes.

Over the week of the 4th, he learned to wahwah. We pat his mouth with our hands/fingers and he says "ahhh", which sounds like "wahwahwahwahwah." This is my mom's favorite game with her grand-babies.


School starts on August 9.

Stinkerbell is not looking forward to school this time. She wants more time with me.


New spam subjects.

I've recently been getting a whole new theme of spam messages. The subjects are always a variation of a e-greeting from a generic someone who should know me.

family member

My favorite is when I get an e-greeting from a worshipper. If you also worship me, you've picked the wrongest wrong of idols.

Also, I got an old-fashioned spam today with the subject "antelope racist."

Whodathunk that antelopes deal with things like segregation and Jim Crow laws and giving up seats on buses?


I need to do less blogging and more things with my family. Blogging is my addiction. If you notice fewer posts from me over the following days/weeks/months, please understand and don't forget me. I love writing and the friendships I have made here. I have my email address in my sidebar. Don't be a stranger.


See ya soon.


Anonymous said...

Interesting weekend...

I have done ear candling myself... I never found it to work...Glad you know how to make it work..

Melzie said...

Worshippers spam me too, what a coincidence ;) When is our scrabble date?

BTW I am tagging you :) xoxo melzie