Monday, May 12, 2008

follow up to Mother's Day

After reading Jennifer's comment to my post from earlier today, I started to respond in my own comment in my own blog. I realized after I had ranted for a few minutes, that it should probably be a post of its own.

Get ready. My attitude toward yesterday hasn't improved.

The comment you got pisses me off. (NOT your comment, just what someone said to you.)

"Administrative Professionals" don't type and answer phones 24-friggin 7! They, generally and hopefully, don't wipe poop and pee and puke off their "co-workers" multiple times per day.

They aren't awakened at 3:17 am by a baby who thinks his peekaboo sound would be appropriate for spying his sleeping mommy across the room.

And - this is the big one - THEY GET A (expletive deleted by my guilty conscience) FRIGGIN VACATION!!!!!

I ask for PART OF ONE DAY. I ask for SOME of my burden to be lightened for a FEW HOURS.

I don't ask to not be a mother for the day.

Although that's an idea.

The problem with taking a vacation from being a mommy is that there isn't a "co-worker" who covers your job completely while you're away. I refused (aka didn't have time) to do laundry yesterday or wash dishes. Guess what? No one handled it.

No one.

There wasn't a co-worker that said the equivalent of "well, she's not here today, but we still need to answer the phone or key this order into the computer or send this fax."

There was no one.

Oh gosh. I guess I'm a little bitter.

Watch out, Lord. I'm going to have to talk to you about this one...

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jennifer said...

Now, now AGA...I think you mistook the comment. She was saying that we shouldn't feel guilty if we don't want to do our job for a day. It's okay to want a day off.

Does it mean we'll get it?


Does it mean that anyone will pick up the slack?


Does it mean that men/husbands/idiots understand our needs?


Please reconsider the comment! I really think it was meant to ease my mind (and yours...oops!) that it's okay not to want the responsibility for a day.

(((hugs)))) (and margaritas.)