Thursday, May 01, 2008

WDW memoirs 2008 #2

New things Lucky said while away...

choo choo!!!!


Tig Tig

I Luh DaDa

A-guh (again)

While waiting for Stinkerbell to ride Goofy's Barnstormer, Lucky, Fiance and I went into an AIR-CONDITIONED gift shop. I had yet to buy Lucky a souvenir, waiting on just the Right Thing. We walked and walked and walked around the store, mostly entertaining and stretching the legs of my little almost-toddler. We found a very cute, very soft "baby" Tigger with a rattle inside it. He very quickly grabbed it from me and hugged it up close.



"Yes, Tigger!" thrilled out of my mind for him to be saying the name of my favorite Pooh character.

Tig-GER! umm-uhhhhmmmmm (that was his loving-hugging sound)

So we walked around with Tig-GER in his hands and hugged to his neck for several minutes. He would hold it in front of himself and say Tig-GER and Tig-Tig. And my heart would swell more everytime.

Then, without warning, Tig-GER was thrown to the floor, and refused love from that moment forth.

He no longer wanted the thing - or anything else, for that matter. So, eventhough he was absolutely adorable and preshus and gosh-darn-cute, I didn't buy it for him.

But I feel certain he will have a Tig-GER soon.

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Super B's Mom said...

Ahh how quickly his love doth fade.

Too cute. :)