Monday, May 19, 2008

it was a MIRACLE I tell you!

Stinkerbell attends a super school. The principal there runs a very efficient and completely fun little prison educational environment.

She has some wonderful reward systems in place for all kinds of achievement. Good citizens (based on the month's Character Word.) Random little awards for being quietest in the hallway. Getting to be assistant principal for the day (stapling papers together for the teachers to send home with the kids... read: drudge work that seems like a privilege.) Awards Days at the end of each grading period for classwork/grade achievement/improvement.

Today, Stinkerbell was allowed to read the morning announcements over the PA system. This was her reward for earning enough points by reading twenty-eleven library books.

So, this morning, I dressed myself and Lucky so that we could take her to school - instead of her daddy doing it. After letting her out at the sidewalk, like normal, we hung around until time for the announcements. We then loaded up the stroller and went inside to hear the Cutest Little Girl Voice say the Pledge of Allegiance and make the other announcements.

Mrs Jones, the principal, said something quick and introduced Stinkerbell, who very sweetly instructed to "stand, salute, pledge."

Which we all did. Even if we saluted the baby in the stroller eating cheerios. We stood and saluted.

did you know that if you mistype the word "salute" that its a very funny, not so polite word for a woman?

At the end of the Pledge, Stinkerbell proceeded to instruct everyone to "remain standing for a moment of silence".

And, then a Miracle happened.

She was silent.

For the first time in about, oh, 7 years! she was silent.

honest to chocolate, I consider de-barking her sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

That's quite a reward!