Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The verdict is in

I'm a ridiculously sad and silly person.

I'm all worked up over being mentioned (and LINKED TO) over at a little blog called...

{cue the trumpets}

{dah dah dah daaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!}

... BooMama

I'm painfully aware of how very much I need to get a life.

Now, all I have to do is turn off the computer and FORCE MYSELF to NOT watch my statcounter.


Anonymous said...

I saw that!! Congrats on the linkage!

Michelle said...

That is how I found your blog and I love it!! Don't you love Boomama...she makes me laugh OUT LOUD! I am an Auburn girl as well! (Raised in Opelika). My husband and I totally brainwash our children! I am putting you in my favorites!!!

The Laundress~JJ! said...

Wow. Nice.

Although I can always say, I knew her when.

Anonymous said...

i'd have the same response if boo mama linked me too. btw i've been lurking around you blawg. i love it. war eagle!