Saturday, May 24, 2008

Greetings from Dauphin Island

I had composed this on my iPhone... Cuz I'm cool like dat.

Except, it wouldn't email out. Some server connection failure baloney/computer fart.

So... some of these things I'm about to share with you aren't totally accurate anymore. However, they were accurate at 4am as I lay in bed, wishing I could sleep more.


I've been trying to post the Old Fashioned way via dashboard on my iPhone, but Safari doesn't like the dashboard. Perhaps it wanted a different color scheme. Perhaps the whole blogger look is just not cool enough for the iPhone. Perhaps Steve Jobs is a megalomaniac.

Perhaps I should move this post along...

We're at Dauphin Island. And I have already succeeded in taking a 2-hour nap with Lucky on The Most Comfortable Mattress In The World. But for some reason, sleep eludes me now.

Darn nap. Darn Bartles & James Mojitos. Darn peeing in the middle of the night.

But I'm managing my insomnia well here on The Most Comfortable Mattress In The World.

And lemmetellya, I really you. Because it was very clumsy and inefficient and annoying capitalizing all those word on my cool iPhone. It's also annoying capitalizing iPhone like that.

Things I left ag home on this trip:

1. Shampoo and Conditioner.
Fix: Not to worry. W-M gladly filled my requirements for clean and conditioned hair.

2. USB cable for the camera. My card was full with pictures I had downloaded but forgot to delete off the card.
Fix: One by stinkin' one.

3. Lukcy's shoes. We had already bought him some swim shoes. But I walked out of the house without his cute little hiking shoes. And did I realize this in time to turn around and get them? Almost - if 90 minutes is close enough.
Fix: Swim shoes are perfectly appropriate for any activity on an island!

4. Benadryl gel and cortisone cream. These are a girl's best friend when there is extra shaving requirements.
Fix: Try not to scratch.

In other news...

A long-time friend (and sales rep for The Mighty Hunter's company) is separated from his wife. We all suspect she is seeing someone else. I think the world of this guy. At one time, I might have had a crush on him - and vice versa - but that was many moons ago and before The Mighty Hunter charmed me with his killer line, "you're a keeper."

(rolling my eyes, grinning a little, rubbing my foot on his)

Anyway, this friend is on my mind. And he has the best nickname, which I can't share with you here, so you'll just have to trust me, but it's nearlyl impossible for me to call him by his actual name without umm-ing and errrr-ing a lot. But that's not too unusual either.

Just a quick "Hi There!" to all 75!!! of you who stopped by here after BooMama linked to me!


Most of you will quickly tire of my drivel, but I'd love for you to leave a quick comment so I can attempt to repay the visit. After all, a blogger does not live on her stat counter alone...

or something like that.

And now since I've been awake two hours, I'm hungry. I will now stop using Lucky's forehead to hold my iPhone for me and go rummage around for something unhealthy and yummy to eat.

Oh, I fully intend to make up for this bout of insomnia with another long nap on The Most Comfort..... oh, dangit, you know.


Kaye (aka Mrs Nespy) said...

Dauphin Island is such a nice place. Enjoy yourself!

Melanie said...

Hi back! I popped in from BooMama because your blog title caught my attention - we moved to Auburn back in October and are just loving it here.

Enjoy Dauphin Island, it's so pretty there!

Frank said...

I'm so jealous you are on Dauphin Island. Enjoy!