Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where did it go?

Every morning, I bake three biscuits.

No, I don't make biscuits. I open the bag of frozen biscuits I purchase at W-M and put 3 on my Pampered Chef pizza stone (you gotta get you one of these!) and bake them.

I never mastered the art of making my own biscuits from scratch. I know. I'm a complete and utter failure as a Southern Woman. I've come to terms with it. I'd rather let someone else mix and knead and do all that work and put them in a bag and freeze them, letting me focus my valuable time and attention on more important things.

Like blogging.

As I was saying...

I bake three biscuits every morning.

2 for me with lots of butter. One for Lucky, no butter.

Today, he was hungry when his beautiful eyes popped open. He ate most of his biscuit but got bored when there were about 2 bites left. As I removed him from his high-chair, he knocked one of those already-broken-apart bites on the floor. He climbed all over me, still blogging at the table. When I put him on the floor, I couldn't see where the piece of biscuit fell...

who am I kiddin? I forgot about it.

A few minutes later, he reached up with his chubby, little hands for me to hold him. It was then I remembered the biscuit piece.

No where to be found.

I think I know where it is though...


Anonymous said...

You put frozen stuff on your pizza stone? I've busted up 2 different PC stoneware pieces while trying to "cook" frozen stuff (they replaced one b/c it was still under warranty, but the other they had discontinued, so I had to ebay a replacement). I love my stoneware immensely, but just keep my aluminum cookie sheets for the purposes of my frozen cuisine.

AuburnGalAlways said...

I never preheat my oven. I have learned how my reeeealllly old oven works and usually turn it on AS I'm putting whatever inside it.

I put frozen pizzas on my stoneware everytime I make pizza (California Pizza Kitchen, White or Margherita flavors).

I freeze my cookie dough (W-M brand, slab style) and use my stoneware sometimes to cook them.

I always use my stoneware for my biscuits. It has never occurred to me that there frozen condition would make my stoneware crack - but it totally makes sense.

Nevertheless, I love every single thing I have that is Pampered Chef. I use most of them several times per week.