Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm giggly with excitement

There's some discussion going on over at Boomama about an Alabama blogger gathering.

I would love to suggest the name:



I'm more excited than is appropriate about the possibility of meeting some of my fellow bloggers from my own area.

I would love to give Bee and T some big ol' hugs. Their friendships and prayers have meant the world to me. And Rachel, (aka "Myfriendrachel"), is back in Alabama and I would just LOVE to have the excuse for us to get together and laugh our butts off about Lord-knows-what.

But you know what interests me most?

The thought of us bloggers (mommybloggers and beyond) walking away from our keyboards - where we are safe and can say whatever we want and not worry about what our "readers" think, because we don't have to "face" them and can be who we really are and/or can be whoever/whatever we dream of being.

That interests me beyond words.

It's all psychology, folks. Because I'm quite the intellect.

An intellect with some serious social anxiety issues.

Another thing that interests me is what I might possibly wear that would not scream BORING!!!

So, if you're a blogger in Alabama (Boomama says Birmingham, but we all know that Bham is totally driveable from just about anywhere in the state,) then go here and leave your comment about it...

'Cause I want to meet you!!!


boomama said...


I triple love it.

Patty said...
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The Preacher's Wife said...

okay, accidentally commented under my friend's account whose blog I was working on..!!

Or else I'm working under cover.

But the first thing is actually the true thing...


Just saw your note that you lived in Ft. Payne. I live in Ider...go figure! If we do this get together thing, I'll totally pick you up! (If I haven't scared you away already that is...:))

Jenn said...

The comment you left on BooMama's page about this totally cracked me up. Especially about ribs.

Seeing your blog makes me miss home. My parents live 20 minutes from Auburn, and that's the closest place to shop from their house. (They live right over the GA line.)

Super B's Mom said...

Ya'llpalooza '08

Man...why's it gotta be in Birmingham? Then I'll have to take a shower and clean the crap outta my car and all....

Aww man!

For the Love... said...

Blawgher!!!Love it! B'ham is only a couple of hours from my house!!!

Tammy said...

Greetings from T'town (Roll Tide) and what a great name for the get together. I sure hope I can make it.