Thursday, May 08, 2008

just a request

Dear Google Toolbar Pop-up Blocker Thingy,

I enjoy the convenience of seeing the Google search box in my browser window. Right on top. Convenient and all. Allowing me to google whatever I want without having to actually navigate to your Google page.

very nice touch.

I enjoy the way you remember my previous searches. It's helpful for you to keep up with exactly what search terms I used when I was looking for a "rug burn kit" as an engagement gift suggestion (gag gift, nonetheless).


I have had an overall positive experience with you. You're doing an OK job.

Yet, today. Today, you irritated me. And you should know better than that. You should know that if I get irritated with something first thing in the morning, it stays with me all. stinkin'. day.

You see, it seems quite obvious to me that a pop-up blocker would block ALL pop-ups. However, you must still have sleep boogers in your eyes. Or maybe your Ambien hasn't worn off yet. I don't know what your problem is, I just want it fixed.

While looking for a recipe at (Paula's Home Cooking - more buttah!), I clicked to email a recipe to myself. This simple little click requires a pop-up form. Fine. I don't mind "temporarily allowing pop-ups from this site". So, I do the extra clicking required to get the form to open. But I happen to notice a new browser window open....


You make me click thirty-eleven times to open the email-a-recipe-to-myself form, yet you allow that stupid NETFLIX pop-up to expose itself to me!

Step it up, Google Toolbar Pop-Up Blocker Thingy.

Auburn Gal Always

ps. to anyone still reading this. This morning started off at 5:21 with a leaking diaper - in MY bed. For the third time this week. Then after getting said diaper changed and the pisser responsible for said crime back to sleep, The Mighty Hunter gets all touchy-feely with me. No complaints - NO COMPLAINTS, I said. But what does it mean when someone's nose starts bleeding a mere 2 seconds after the touchy-feely is completed?

Possible culprits: allergies - looking guilty, see this. blood pressure - not likely. middle age - possible.

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