Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This is my 475th post. It's ridiculous that I have found this much crap to talk about.


Yet, this post will be important. This post is merely a stage for presenting my slideshow reminiscing over the past year in Sissy's life.

Sissy's 8th birthday slideshow from auburngalalways on Vimeo.

In other news, it seems that President Obama's inauguration has silenced the unsilenceable - bloggers. What's up with us? Are we speechless? Are we watching the longest parade in history? Are we asleep? Are we building bomb shelters? Are we storing up seeds so we plant gardens this summer? Are we shut down by Big Brother?


Karen said...

Happy 8th birthday!

Super B's Mom said...

I've been busy hiding all my guns..

Blondie said...

I chose to deal with it by ignoring it. I blogged about our snow and the Disney trip. I did give Andrew the option of watching it as part of his school day, but he politely declined!

You're right, though, the only mentions I have seen about the inauguration were on either the news or Facebook.