Friday, January 16, 2009

I should have listened to Nancy Reagan

But I'm clearly not smart enough. So, I gave in to peer pressure, didn't "just say no" and joined facebook anyway. And, now, I'm addicted.

It's actually fun. My brother and 2 of my 3 adopted sisters and lots of people from my past and bloggy present are there. I've reconnected with people that I truly have missed over the past several years. At the same time, there are those who have found me that represent painful times in my life.

And, yesterday, I added Miss Betraying-Best-Friend-From-High-School (Bbffhs) as a facebook friend.

I'm ambivalent about her. While I truly believe that letting go of bitterness and giving forgiveness is the only way to live happy and be free from pain, it was hard to click on her and begin any communication with her even after all these years.

I feel petty and childish and silly and ridiculous. I'm certain that she is unaware of how I feel about her. I am also certain that she would be totally surprised that I feel resentment toward her at all.

Another friend from high school had suggested I add Miss Bbffhs several days before I broke down and did it. I actually had no intentions of doing it. I was just going to let her see me in the friend lists of other people and wonder about me. I was going to ignore her if she requested I add her as a friend. I was going to be very mature about the whole thing.

Then yesterday, while showering, I decided that I should just get over my high school self and add her. I can rise above the things she said and did those 20 a couple years ago. I can forgive her and forget the pain that she caused.

Because it was 20 years ago, and for the love of chocolate, GET OVER IT ALREADY! And, also, I'm very mature.

So, I added Miss Bbffhs to my list of friends at facebook. She was our class president and will be planning our 20th reunion. I hope they have a great time. I will not be there.

So, while I can add her to my facebook friends, I won't go and pretend that I want to spend time with her and other betraying friends from high school.

Did I mention that I'm very mature?


Kaye said...

Hey...I do broke down and did it...just this past weekend. I would like to keep up with my bloggy friends that way as well, but don't know most of their last names (stupid anonymity that we all use!). If you're interested, look for me at mrsnespy at hotmail. =) If not, no hard feelings. =)

Blondie said...

I am laughing so hard at this...

I broke down and joined facebook in December. While I have found a few friends that I really wanted to find, I am completely freaked out by the whole concept. I just logged into facebook and I was surprised at the people that have found me!


Super B's Mom said...

Oh Lord, I'm addicted too. Last night, I found myself playing on my Lil Green Patch at midnight.

I'm not as mature as you. I ignore the requests from people I'd rather not see...ever again.

And I'm totally bah humbug towards class reunions. I have NO desire to "re-live" that time. Blah.

HomeSpun Threads said...

Face book is so awesome. It is addictive but once the newness wears off it's not so bad. Look me up, I put a link on my blog to my page. I have rekindled some long lost friendships through facebook and the exchange of e-mails. I try to stay off of the applications though.
P.S. If you figure out what a vacation is let me know? I remember them from when I was little but it's been so long since I was little.