Sunday, January 18, 2009

"I can see in the dark like a ..."

Last night, Sissy called for help from the bathroom. The roll of toilet paper had rolled away from her.

I went to rescue her and found that she also needed to turn on the bathroom lights.

you're in the dark.

"I can see better in the dark."

no you can't.

"Sure I can! I'm like a horse and a dog and a cat and a mountain lion and a ..."


(I couldn't make this stuff up, people.)

Earlier in the day, I played with her hair to see if I could get it to curl and do that cute low-slung ponytail, hanging over the shoulder look. It took a lot of hairspray, but I got close enough to try it for her birthday party.

"Mom, don't use that much hairspray on my hair anymore, ok?"


"I was down here and you were up there and I tripped and caught my hair on the arm of the bench and it got stuck and it pulled and I had to pull it loose with my hand and it hurt."

ok, baby.


Karen said...

I've given up on hairspray entirely. I don't even think I have any in the house for emergency situations any more.

Super B's Mom said...

Death to hairspray!!