Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Murphy, you suck

It rained here again today. The "extreme drought" that North Alabama has suffered for the past 3 years has ended over the past 2 months. Now, I've had enough rain. Thankyouverymuch.

For various reasons, I did not spend the day at home today. After taking Sissy to school and running a couple errands, Lucky and I spent the day at Bev's. (It rained there too.)

I returned home with Lucky and Sissy about 4:30. I expected my garage to have a small amount of water standing in it. I wasn't prepared for what I found though.

One half of my garage had water standing. The carpet in the basement rooms that adjoin the garage were soaked. My new box of Tide that I was too lazy to carry upstairs was soaked and is now probably a solid block of Tide. A box of books that was bound for the library as a donation is now garbage. A stupid orthopaedic pillow that The Mighty Hunter had "tried" and needed to be returned to the chiropractor was soaked and ruined (there goes $30.)

I called The Mighty Hunter, who is in Louisville, to get his opinion as to exactly what to do after I shop-vacced up as much water as possible. I called Bev and Carl to borrow their shop-vac and get help with the kids. My parents called, they had been out "rubber-necking" at all the water and offered to bring supper.

Bev and Carl came and brought Bobbie and her son, Chris. They and Mom played with the kids. Carl, Bev, Dad and I fiddled around downstairs - mopping, vacuuming, emptying, exclaiming, complaining, trouble-shooting, joking, stabbing.

Yes, my dad stabbed himself with his pocket knife.

"ooh. that hurt."

what did you do?

"poked myself with my knife."

poked yourself? like STABBED yourself kind of poking yourself?

"not bad. I'm ok. look, no blood."

So, that's it for my day. How bad did yours suck? Or not, if your dad stabbed himself without needing stitches.


Paige said...

Yuck. Sorry about the standing water. I hope you can get it cleaned up soon. My yard is like a swimming pool, but it hasn't floated off....yet!

Super B's Mom said...

I kept having to go to my back door last night and checking to make sure the water wasn't up to the door yet. I was FREAKING.OUT.

Your story reminds me of the time that I almost severed my finger with a butter knife. A butter knife! Who does that?!?

Super B's Mom said...

By the way....thanks so much for the great advice about B's weight. That really helped me feel better!

Kaye said...

That sounds awful! I'm sorry that you had to go through it. I hope that whatever the problem is that you have an inexpensive fix to it!

I have tagged you over at my Riding Bicycles blog, so if you want to play along, have fun.