Sunday, January 04, 2009

Saturday surpises and purchases

It rained yesterday, but it didn't keep me from shopping. Very few things keep me from shopping, unfortunately. There were things that I needed to find for both Sissy's and Lucky's birthday parties, as well as a knife set for my own birthday present from The Mighty Hunter.

So, off we went to Chattanooga for the day.

VeggieTales in the DVD player, for a change from whatever had been in there for weeks. Lucky enjoyed it, except when the baby Moses was threatened. Then there was much shrieking and complaining and "oooooh noooooo! da babay! Mum-meeee! da babay! no! thop! Mum-meeee!"

As soon as the movie was over, the inevitably bad-timed nap began. The rain stopped and we were within 5 minutes of the mall. Could it get worse?

Of course, it could.

I decided to take a detour and show Sissy the Chattanooga Choo-Choo. But I wasn't on the main streets and I couldn't remember the street it was on and then she complained about her stomach hurting.

She gets car sick easily, which explains the abundant supply of barfbags we keep stashed in crazy places in the Pimped Out Mamamobile. (The barfbags were found as we went through The Mighty Hunter's late mother's medical supply stash. Much like her compulsion to hoard Vaseline and hotel soaps and lotions, she bought CASES of medical supplies that she never used or needed.) But they've been very handy for us on more than one occasion.

When I realized she was actually puking, I was in a terrible part of town and pulled over in the empty parking lot of a very scary bar.

I'm certain that if anyone had the horrible idea of trying to mug or carjack us, the puking would probably have changed their minds.

(To be fair and honest and not-nearly-as-dramatic, Chattanooga is a very safe city. I've never had any first-person (or 2nd or 3rd-person) experiences there that would even hint at crime or problems with anyone other than rude drivers. To the contrary, everyone I've ever encountered there, looking back over my entire life, has been 90% positive.)

Still, puking = deterrent.

We found the Choo-Choo but didn't get out, as it was still raining a little. Lucky didn't wake up till after we left the Choo-Choo, thank goodness. But he was ready for CiCi's Pizza.

A trip to the mall for returns and bargains. Penney's had a big sale, as did everywhere else. It's too easy to spend too much money on Sissy. The clothes for her are just so cute. We're still finishing up hand-me-downs for Lucky, so I don't shop for him as much. But I did find him a new rainjacket at the Gap.

A stop at Club Libby Lu to see what they still had left. There wasn't much, but what was there was dirt cheap. I had promised Sissy a makeover from there before the stores closed at the end of January. And this was the LAST DAY OF MAKEOVERS EVER.

And they were $12.

We found some wonderful, funky Rock Star party decorations.

but no Blue's Clues items.

some very cool hair accessories for Sissy and a few gifts at Libby Lu.

tongs that are safe for my non-stick pans.

a bright green strap for The Mighty Hunter to tie his luggage together. (He has broken 2 straps already.)

a comforter set and sheets for my bed.


Olive Garden for dinner.

LOTS of smiles while playing in the mall playground and a protective side to Sissy where her brother is concerned.

a great time with each other.

a hole in our fun that The Mighty Hunter would have filled perfectly.

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Blondie said...

Keri -
Do you have time to order from here?'s+clues&SKU=BDD979
Andrew's second birthday was Blue's Clues - but that was almost 8 years ago, stuff was plentiful then! I also still have a Blue's Clues shower curtain if you ever have a need...

Barfing in the car - we have Target bags stashed for Andrew (jealous of the barf bags!).