Sunday, January 11, 2009

of sleeping late and snugglin'

Yesterday and this morning, Lucky has awakened about 7am. He pats me somewhere about the head and face and starts talking. Yesterday, he actually got out of bed and found one of Sissy's tiny, little puppies and brought it back to the bed, barking his high-pitched bark and asking for "haaaalp" to get back in bed with me.

The puppies walked around on top of my head and face and shoulders for a few minutes before deciding it was unwise to completely wake the sleeping mommy-monster. So, they all went back to sleep again and slept until 10.

And so did I.

This morning, he didn't get out of bed to find the tiny, little puppies but still woke early, to find me and say "night night, Sissy night night, Mommy night night, night night!" He went night night himself and slept till 9:45.

The Mighty Hunter called to wake me up. I don't know why he feels like he has to make sure I'm awake at whatever time he determines is the Time To Wake Keri. He needs to leave me alone and let me sleep while I can.


Sissy and I snuggled up close and she talked about the 20 horses she would have after she and her rock star band gets rich. She also rambled on and on about how she would have a waterfall invention in her room that hid a secret room behind it. The secret room would have a hand-print lock that worked only with her hand, to keep boys out. And there would be a rock wall for her to climb so that she could quickly leave her room and go straight outside to her 20 horses. Of those 20 horses, Spirit and Rain would be her favorites. Spirit would either be a Bay or all black or all white.

Then Lucky woke up and snuggled up close to my back. He stretched his arm around so that he could touch me on the neck (aka goosle). This baby never bonded with a blanket or a stuffed animal or anything except his pappy (pacifier) and the goosle of those he loves. When you pick him up, he immediately puts one or both hands on your goosle and either pets you or holds you or pinches you.

It makes me keep his nails cut short.

So, today, I will go to W-M to buy groceries for the week. Tomorrow The Mighty Hunter will fly home from Louisville, and I've promised him my Famous Lasagna. I also have to buy a new vacuum cleaner. My old one started smoking yesterday as I used it. I'm sure it's just the belt, but I've replaced the belt already, and it didn't last very long.

I'd love to get me a Dyson, but I think I'll go cheap and get a wannabe from Wal-mart for a lot less.

Here's the thing... I need to shower before I go to W-M and spend the big bucks. But as soon as I get through vacuuming, I'll need another shower. And that just annoys me to have to do something twice - even if it is, you know, showering.

So, I guess I'll feed us and then take my first shower.

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triste said...

So, did you get your vacuum cleaner?