Sunday, January 04, 2009


Lucky came to me just a minute ago. I don't remember what he said as he was walking to me, but the smell emanating from his butt communicated louder than any words he could have babbled.

Did you poopie?


Did you poopie? (I'm used to him saying "noooOOOO.")


Did you poopie AGAIN?

didit 'gain. shewy.

The thing about this exchange that is worth remembering or blogging (same difference, right?) is that I wanted The Mighty Hunter to share it. I wanted to say "did you hear that? what a twerp!"

But he's in Louisville.


HomeSpun Threads said...

I gave you an award...
Hope you like it

triste said...

I'm so sorry baby. You know it's just how it has to be right now. Not that it makes it OK or that it makes it hurt any less just that it is what it has to be. Tell him, tell him everything. Write it down if you have to but make sure you share it with him. You know it hurts him to miss it as bad as it hurts you that he did miss it. Remember in the big scope of life this time you're having to go through is just a minute. I love you sister.

Super B's Mom said...

So sorry. :( ((((HUGS))))