Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My First Mother's Day

This post was inspired by Wonder Mom, who wrote so beautifully about her first Mother's Day. Please share your own story about your first Mother's Day using the Mr. Linky below.

Mother's Day 2000 was my first. The Mighty Hunter and I had been trying for a couple of months to get pregnant. He had been teasing me for a few days that he "knew" I was pregnant.

Yeah, right.

I had even had my annual physical and gotten the Big Fat Negative. But, as most of you know, you can get a false negative when Aunt Flo is not actually late... yet.

Because I couldn't let him go around thinking he knew so dang much and to prove him wrong, because I just knew, I bought a pregnancy test.

Sunday morning, I woke up early and peed on the stick.

2 lines.

I sat on my toilet in stunned silence on that early Mother's Day morning. Stunned. silence.

I didn't know what I had gotten myself into and was scared. Not to mention I was mad that I was about to have to admit that The Mighty Hunter had been right and I was wrong.

I went back to bed and lay there, staring at the ceiling, wanting to wake him, wanting to let him sleep and find the double-striped stick himself, wanting to pull on jeans and run away, wanting to call everyone I knew, wanting to go back about 2 weeks and undo it all, wanting to see my baby right now, wanting to call the whole thing off.

Frozen fear won and I waited for him to wake up and find the stick himself. Except he didn't.

me:didn't you see that?


m:the stick.

h:what stick?

m:the stick I peed on. the pregnancy test.

h:no, but I told you yesterday, you're pregnant.

m:well, daddy, serve me up a plate of crow, cuz you were right and I was wrong.

We talked about whether we should tell anyone immediately or wait. And we wanted to wait. But we told everyone that day but not because we were "4 year-old at Disney World" excited.

We told everyone because we wanted his mother to know that she would have a grandchild. We wanted her to know that eventhough she wouldn't live long enough to meet the baby in person, we wanted her to know.

His mom died 6 weeks later, with the knowledge that her older son would soon be a daddy.

Every Mother's Day, the cemetary where his mother is buried has its annual "decoration". (For those of you who missed out on the blessing of being Southern, Decoration Days are when families gather for special church services and place new flowers on the graves of friends and family. Some areas call it "homecoming", but the point of the day is the same.) And every Mother's Day, we visit with The Mighty Hunter's mom. Stinkerbell places a special flower on her grave and climbs on the beautiful rock wall her Grand-daddy had built for her. We listen to the singers and guest preacher/speaker share their memories and faith in the chapel up on that tall hill.

After lunch, I take my babies to spend the evening with my own mom, my best friend.

This year will be more of the same special day.

Minus the double-striped stick.

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Anonymous said...

That was wonderful...Thank you.
I'm honored that I could inspire such a post....
Although I just know, your baby did...
Have a wonderful Mother's Day.