Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Teeball Superstar!


Stinkerbell is just the bestest evuh teeball player you'll ever see. Besides being the biggest girl on her team, and the same size as the biggest boy (but her feet are bigger - smirk), she is just darn good.

Now, catching is not her strong point. So, they took her off first base. But she totally rocks at the pitcher's mound. She runs after every ground ball (and those are aplenty). She throws pretty well to first base or wherever the coaches tell her to. She was a major contribution to our victorious TIE yesterday.

Yeah, we have one of those leagues where the teeball teams don't "keep score." I can't stand it. I try to keep score in my head but usually get distracted with my girl's mad skillz.

She hits well. But we have a few really good hitters on the team. In the two innings they played, she hit 2 doubles and scored from second both times. SLIDING INTO HOMEPLATE.

Yeah, that's my gal.

Yeah, I yelled "sliiiiiiiide!"

And. AND! Only once did she stop the ground ball and throw it AT the runner and not to first base. All the other times, she threw it to first base.

So, this was our second game. Friday is the next game. But...

But, that is also the night of the recital for the performing arts school where takes voice lessons. And, DEAR LORD, she needs to practice with a real microphone and see the auditorium and PREPARE.

When I tell her coach she will miss Friday's game, he handles it well. For ME, he handles it well. But when The Mighty Hunter arrives to help coach, he totally pulls the Men Have To Band Together And Foil The Plans Of The Women.


coach: "so, Stinkerbell will miss Friday's game. Who do you suggest I put on the mound?"

The Mighty Hunter: "I'm not finished with this. Let me talk to Auburn Gal Always again and see what we can work out."


So, in his attempts to dominate the teeball league, The Mighty Hunter is requesting the rehearsal work around Stinkerbell's game.

Sure, there is only one other girl in her voice class. Sure, it should be possible to just let them run through their song out of performance order. Sure, it might work. But what makes The Mighty Hunter think it's ok for her to put less importance on all the hard work she has done in voice lessons for one of her many teeball games?



On another note, I saw Mary and spoke to her. She was friendly. I was friendly. It wasn't awkward. Chris, nor his current wife, were present, so that worked out well. She commented on Lucky's obvious resemblance to The Mighty Hunter. Stinkerbell was running around wild, naturally. But she must have noticed Stinkerbell beating the crap out of her team.

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