Friday, May 04, 2007

Shock and Awe, Stinkerbell Style

The first clip was actually filmed second. I'm posting it first because it's shorter. Stinkerbell needed to practice with the microphone and without music to know where to hold the microphone tomorrow in the performing arts school recital. They had turned off the lights already.

A capella....

recital rehearsal 2 from auburngalalways

This next clip is the full song with Stinkerbell and the other girl in her voice class. Stinkerbell is the one in the black teeball uniform, which makes for a cool effect against the black background. Stinkerbell head and arms singing and dancing.

recital rehearsal 1 from auburngalalways

Yeah, I'm a little proud.

A lot actually.

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Anonymous said...

Toooooo adorable!