Friday, May 04, 2007

I can't sleep

Insomnia is an acquaintance of mine. He - yes, it's a HE - shows up occasionally, talk talk talking to me. Never stopping to consider that I need sleep. I need to be able to stay awake during the same hours as the rest of my family. I need to get through my day without a nap and won't have time for one tomorrow!

It's all about him and the stuff that's on his mind. He wants to talk about the baskets of clothes that I didn't get folded and put away. Talk about the clothes that are in the washer and need to go in the dryer but need to be hung up as soon as they're dry so I don't have to iron any a lot. Talk about what time I need to be ready to leave for the recital tomorrow so that we can get a decent seat. Talk about all the crap I'll have to take with me to the recital because we'll be there most of the dang day.

Always with the talking.

Shut up already, Insomnia.

Well, tonight Insomnia brought along another old acquaintance of mine that I haven't visited with since before Lucky was born.

Say hello to Heartburn. Heartburn is a woman. More accuratelly, she's a bi+ch. She likes to remind me that eventhough the boneless wings were yummy in their BBQ sauce, I should order the "wimpy" sauce next time. Cause I'm pretty wimpy when it comes to spices. The Mighty Hunter ate the "torch tongue" flavor, with no suffering at all.

Heartburn and Insomnia make a good team. Heartburn keeps me from being able to lie down, and Insomnia won't shut the heck up when I do lie down.

How many Tums are too many to eat within, say, two hours? 6? 8?

So, tonight, Insomnia and Heartburn have Excitement's help in keeping me awake. I'm so very excited about how well Stinkerbell did in her rehearsal this evening. She has mentioned in passing that she might be nervous at the recital. That she wondered how many people would be there. And that she might mess up. Well, for someone who has never sung for more than 100 people (and that scared me so bad I HURT!), I withheld the estimated attendance for tomorrow.


But I did encourage her to Nausea and back with my description of those attending being "a bunch of parents" there to see cute kids do "their thing." And that they'd clap and yell and smile over the great job she'd do with her song.


But none of them will be any prouder of their babies than I will. Because not only does mine have the mad skillz I covet, but she has the courage to get up and SANG and stay on pitch (mostly) and not have the Nervous Vibrato that is my vocal style.

So, scoll down and play the video clips in the previous post.

Go on. Scoot.

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Jennifer said...

Cool video!

Heartburn...evil stuff she is!