Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Little Bit More Please

After reading a post by my bloggy neighbor, Bee, and feeling the urge and desire to improve my prayer life and knowledge and understanding of the Bible and my relationship with my Lord, I decided to dig out a short study that I had been unable to participate in at my own church.

Read on, please.


So, here's what I have in mind, and I hope you will join in and play along and contribute and help and have some fun with me. I want to do a Bible study. I have this really cute little book that promises to understand me and help me to grow to know my Lord more and be a better Christian, all while having pretty colors and cute shoes on the cover.

Running Nowhere in Every Direction (2 links.)

so, how 'bout this...

First - Leave a comment (with your email address) here about your interest in doing this study with me. I'll create a Google group or something that will let our study and discussion be more "conversational" and then post the link to it (or invite you to join, whichever works best.) (I'll have to figure that out first, since I've never done that kind of thing before. It shouldn't be hard though.)

Two - Go find the book or order it from an online store.

C - Do all this by May 31.

Finally - When we've got the group created and all the members joined, we'll start reading and discussing a chapter/lesson per week. They're pretty short, so that should be manageable. And then try to share our study with the BlogWorld, I'll choose (or take recommendations from the group) a member's discussion about each week's lesson and post it here at the study's blog.

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Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

This sounds very interesting.

I'm sure I could use this as some therapy! However, I'm not feeling it spiritually these days and I don't wanna be a downer...

Good luck.