Monday, May 14, 2007

This Mom is Special!

taken directly from a "letter" written about me by Stinkerbell for Mother's Day.

My Mom is special because she does every thing that I like.

I like it when my Mom cooks for me and lets me cook with her.

My Mom can do many things! I think she's best at doing stuff that I do. except a cartwheel... I can do one much more better than her.

My Mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by smiling back and doing what she likes me to!

My Mom is as pretty as a rose on the rainbow and a butterfly on the rainbow and a dove flying over the rainbow.

My Mom is so smart! She even knows what the world has in the middle of it and she knows about an ostrich.

Yeah, she's that cute.


Anonymous said...


I probably need you to tell me about an ostrich... I don't know much about those! :-)

Wendy said...

That's super sweet! I love getting letter like that! Cute!

Anonymous said...

Too cute. I love it.
Save that FOREVER!!!!

kittyhox said...

What a cute thing! I love that part about the cartwheel.

Gosh, kids are just the greatest. I may have to have 12.