Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bible Study Invitation

Bee, my blog neighbor, and I are planning to start a Bible study. We would love for you to join us.
If you think you might have time to read about 10 pages per week (plus a little Scripture) and then share your reactions and responses to the study with others in this format, please click on over and leave a comment. (Make sure to leave your email so I can invite you to join the group.)

The book is available from Amazon, and Navpress and other places. Just google the title. Amazon has it for, like, dirt cheap.
So, go on. Leave a comment with your plead for me to let you join in. Find the book. Dust off your Bible. Get a pen and highlighter. And meet us over there.

1 comment:

WillBlog said...

I just ordered my book...from Amazon. I ordered a used copy for less than $6 after shipping.