Monday, May 14, 2007



cc: Sarah McLachlan, Animal Planet

Re: above embedded commercial

It's just not fair. I trust you to babysit entertain and educate my child. She informed us that polar bears eatmore than just squeezably-cute baby seals; they also eat seaweed. She is developing her first guilty pleasure with your soap opera. She gets her sugary-sweet overdose of cute puppies and kittens with this. Then there's this show, which defies all explanation and must be your attempt at train-wreck reality tv.

Still, I haven't had much problem with your content. I shield her tender eyes and heart from the things here, here and here. I shelter her because of her tender heart and sensitive soul and the questions that are brought on by the cruelty of people to animals. Oh, yeah, this one too.

And, yes, she is tender-hearted and sensitive. More than the other little girls her age? Yes. I mean she refuses to even say the d-word or s-word!* She already is planning her summer volunteer project of cleaning poop up at the local SPCA.

(Need I remind you? She just turned 6 in January.)

(And if cleaning poop up isn't true love, then we mommies have a big gripe to air.)

But if I have to explain ONE MORE TIME that our 2 dogs and 1 cat are ENOUGH for our little family, and, NO, we can't adopt that kitten or that dog or that little-bitty-tiny-pretty-kitty-that-could-sleep-in-your-room-and-never-make-a-mess-or-won't-shed-its-asthma-triggering-hair-because-its-BALD! We have enough. $20 a week on ANIMAL FOOD is enough. Enough.

I lost myself in my own sentence - surprise! If you've stayed with me this long, I probably lost you too. But here it comes without the hyphenated rambling...

But if I have to explain ONE MORE TIME that our 2 dogs and 1 cat are ENOUGH for our little family because she has watched this commercial and heard this haunting musical plea at her heartstrings, then I may just block your wonderful little channel.

Because we have ENOUGH.

*d=dumb; s=stupid. She also won't say "ugly", even when describing this.

So, you see, it's just not fair.

Auburn Gal Always

p.s. The Mighty Hunter would totally give an "amen!" on this if he ever read my blog. But he doesn't read it. And that's another gripe against another channel.

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