Monday, May 21, 2007

Crazy Crazy Dayz

Wednesday - Church Roller Skating Party. I didn't fall once. There was, however, much arm flailing and general body convulsing.

Thursday - Field Day at Stinkerbell's school. Picnic lunch on damp grass with scores of kindergarteners. Shared my hamburger and opened many packs of ketchup. "Stinkerbell's Mom, can you...?"

Friday - Dashed out for Lucky's first portraits. CUTE! Heard of Beverly's mother's death. Went to Stinkerbell's school for end-of-year water party given by the kindergarten teachers. Teeball game. She got the game ball. Cooked for Beverly, husband, brother and sister-in-law.

Saturday - Ironed shirts. Went to funeral home. Bathed babies.

Sunday - SET MY ALARM ON A SUNDAY MORNING. That should tell you something people. Ironed shirts. Gathered towels, etc for baptism. Practiced my song, because I don't "ad lib" regardless of what the lyric sheet says. Practiced my ad lib 3 dozen times-ish. Applied pantyhose. Gathered change of clothes for later that afternoon. Sent The Mighty Hunter out to get his grandmother and aunt for the day's events. Baptism. Cried. Sang. Sweated and shook. Preaching, shaking of hands, greetings, exits, herding of spiders to Pimped Out Mamamobile. Lunch at new Chinese restaurant (yummmm). Funeral home. Nursed Lucky in empty parlor. Barely made it to pee and into the chapel before beginning of service. Diamond Rolex in front of me. Graveside service. 4 y-o Godson very curious about the grave beneath the casket. Placed bet with his mom about how long before he fell in. (still snickering about that.) Early dinner at Beverly's house with many strangers. In bed late.

Monday - Stinkerbell RODE! THE! BUS! to the high school football field to practice for graduation. I, however, was lazy and read blogs. Did much laundry, but apparently all the wrong things, because the things I need for tomorrow? Dirty still. Took Beverly, Carl (husband and The Mighty Hunter's uncle), Stinkerbell and Lucky golfing. According to The Mighty Hunter, I have a "beautiful swing." Yeah, right. I think he just wants to see me stick my butt out and get behind me to "help me with my grip." When The Mighty Hunter returned from a trip to Florida recently, (was VIP guest at The Players Championship - its sponsored by Jeld-wen, a window/door company that he sells through his business) he gave Stinkerbell her first set of kid-sized golf clubs. She wanted to play with her new "real golf clubs." Ate sandwiches (sand wedges! haha! a golf joke!) with Carl and Bev and got home after bedtime, still needing to wash the golf course filth off Stinkerbell's feet.

Tomorrow? will take Stinkerbell to school, then drive to fetch my grandmother, The Mighty Hunter's grandmother and aunt for graduation. Have NO! IDEA! how I'll manage 2 grandmothers (1 mildly feeble, 1 wobbly feeble), a child-like aunt and a very HEAVY! 4 month old baby at the football stadium without some kind of "medication." Should get in bed now. It's 11:34.

Enough already!


Beba said...

Wooow! YOu seem pretty busy! Some times i do enjoy my hectic life and some times i wish to chill it down :)

WillBlog said...

Ok, I need a nap now.
Good luck with the weeble wobbles!
Have a great day!

jeneflower said...

wow! you are really busy!