Sunday, June 03, 2007

Because it's too funny to NOT share

I could guess that Stinkerbell's diet over the last few days hasn't had any significant changes. Hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, okra, corn, milk, cheerios, apple juice, lemonade, chocolate chip cookies, icing cookies. You know, healthy stuff.

But GOOD GRIEF! She was fumigating the house yesterday.

"Stinkerbell, did you just poot?"

"hehehehe, yes."

"Go to the bathroom! You stink!"

"But I don't need to poop."

"Either you need to poop a LOT or something has died inside of you!"

"I don't need to poop, Mommy. It's my animal smell."

"um. uhhh. hmmm. errr. what? Your what?"

"It's the smell of my retend animal fur. You know, wike a skunk. To keep lions away."

"Yeah. Well, it'll work. Go poop."

"I tried awhile ago and couldn't."

4 hours later, during A Night at the Museum (very funny, very good movie). "I'll be right back."

"Turn on the fan and close the door!!!! cough cough gag"

Bless her heart. I hope she will at LEAST say "excuse me" when she poots like that in school. Cause I KNOW she won't think ahead and ask to go to the bathroom first. Those poor kids.


Jennifer Playgroupie said...

That was too funny not to share!

Anonymous said...

A girl after my own fart...uhm, I mean heart.