Friday, June 22, 2007

Hello strangers

I've missed y'all. You have No! Idea! how much I've missed y'all.

A quick recap and some random things I've struggled to remember to blog about.

Saturday, the Auburn Family drove to Prattville, where The Mighty Hunter's brother pastors a church (scary, I know) and spent the night with them. The next morning, we attended their church for a baby dedication service. Lucky was dedicated, along with 4 other babies. It was sweet. BIL has this fancy schmancy robe he wears for weddings and other special services. Growing up Country Baptist, it was all too First Baptisty for me, but it was a nice touch and very thoughtful of him. Being Baptist, we don't christen, we just "dedicate". But BIL did annoint with the finest extra virgin olive oil available at their local W-M. The babies loved the annointing part.

I think I lost my rings while there. Actually, "lost" might be to permanent a word to use, as I still have hope of finding them. See, I'm not in the habit of wearing my rings right now. For years, I've taken them off the Very Minute I walk into my house or my mom's house. Not sure why. I think it's like shoes. When I'm comfy and "at home" somewhere, I want my shoes to be shed and my rings to be put away. Well, this time that habit has plain ol' bit me on the butt. I stopped as we left the house Saturday to put on my rings so that I'd have some jewelry on besides my never-remove-them-or-my-left-earring hole-will-grow-together earrings. I even slept in my rings Saturday night. I took them off before I showered Sunday morning. I put them back on before leaving for church. I looked at them in church and thought about how badly they needed cleaning.

This is where my memory turns to mush. I don't remember taking them off and where I put them down. I realized I no longer had them on when we were leaving their house for lunch. Which wouldn't have been such a big deal if we were returning right after lunch. BUT we left the Mexican restaurant (more on that later) and drove to Dauphin Island. So, as I realize I don't have my rings, I ask SIL to look for them when she got back home and I'd pick them up when we returned from the Island on Wednesday.

Guess what. She forgot to look. I have unpacked every dadgum thing in our bags. No rings. I'm beginning to worry.

I work very very hard to be one of those "don't panic" people who believes that I'll find whatever it is if I remain calm and can think straight and don't cry.

I'm about to cry.

And panic.

I think I'll look at the pictures we took after the service and see if I can the dirty rings reflecting off my pasty skin. That might pin down the time that I removed them, at least.

almost crying... ahem...


What? You want more evidence that I'm losing my mind? No problem, bub.

At the Mexican restaurant, I had Lucky next to me in his carseat thingy and had opened his baby food, but was enjoying some chips and cheese before he got bibbed up and ready to eat.

Chip. Cheese. Chew. Swallow. Chip. Cheese. Chew. Swallow. Chip. Baby food. Open mouth. Stop. Hang head in shame. Laugh at self till tears flow. SIL notices me, thinks I'm praying, but hears whimpers escaping.

"Are you all right?"

Can't answer, might wail or snort. Wait, snort just escaped. The Mighty Hunter notices me.

"What's wrong?"

Still can't answer. Laughing too hard. Present chip covered in baby food sweet potatoes to the table. Center of attention. Whole table is laughing too.

Move baby food over. Chip. Cheese. Chew. Swallow. Rinse and repeat.

I have more, but I'll save it for later, since my posting opportunities are limited lately due to all the summer heat torture fun.

I've missed y'all. Don't forget me, because I have no life without blogging.


For the Love... said...

I hope your SIL finds them for you! keep us posted....

moosh in indy. said...

I have "lost" my rings at least 9 times, and I had a full blown freak out every time. And we're talking "lost", you think I'd figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back!
Hope you find your rings! I lost mine a while back and found it a couple of days later, but I was a total basketcase in between!

I wish I'd been there to see you eat your sweet potato chip!