Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dream interpretation, anyone?

I have a recurring theme to my dreams sometimes.

The longest-running recurring theme is I can fly. No wings, but still. I take a step and become airborne and will move high in the sky or up in the rafters of whatever dream building.

Another recurring theme that happens much less often is related to college. I'm at college and have forgotten that I was enrolled in a class and it was end-of-term and I haven't attended class or taken a test or written a paper - what to do? A different twist on the college theme is that I've decided to go back to grad school. I go to the Loveliest Village on the Plains and find myself a place to live and find a close parking space (proof it's just a dream as there are no close or convenient parking spaces at AU.) I find my advisor and explain why I should take freshman level science classes.

Lately, dreams have helped me in interesting ways. Two weeks ago a friend was passing through Alabama and made plans to stay with us one night. This important piece of information was pushed into the recesses of my memory, giving priority to things like putting a diaper in my bag and brushing my teeth. The night before the friend was to come, I dreamed he called and said "I'll see you this evening!"

Then there was this other dream I had but I can't remember it now. darnitall.

What about you? Do you have interesting dreams? Keep it clean.

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Jennifer Playgroupie said...

Well, I do have some naughty dreams, but since you said to keep it clean, I will!

I dream about Peanut or Tate getting hurt all the time. I wake up in a panic.

I also have dreams that are so ridiculous, I wonder how on Earth my brain even thought them up.