Sunday, June 10, 2007


explanation: The Mighty Hunter took advantage of an interruption while I was writing this post and stole my laptop and then shut it down! So, I have to try to remember where I was in my rant and try to finish it all nice and neat-like. grrr. jerk

Ok, Rachel went to the hospital and while she was in early labor, they sent her home.

I guess it's a luxury of my super-small-town hospital and the fact that there are 6 (maybe only 5) ob/gyns that work there. But, it rarely happens like that here. And I think I would probably throw a big-giant-psycho-pregnant-homocidal-get-this-baby-out-NOW! fit, if I was contracting and they sent! me! home!

Yes, I live 5 miles from my hospital.

Yes, I could be back there in 5 minutes.

But, oh h-e-double-hockey-sticks no!, I'd be mad and swearing and very unChristian-like and please don't make me cry and yes, I am always a mean pregnant woman anyway so I'm not going home.

And also, bite my big toe, I would not go home. I need drug$!

So, Rachel is back at home and waiting on that wonderful, painful "progress" and her turn to swear.

It really sucks that she is in Minnesota and I'm in Alabama. She totally needs me as her untrained, postpartum-psycho doula.


Rachel, I'm thinking of you!

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