Wednesday, June 06, 2007

OrthopAedic Eye Candy


I really wanted to very sneakily take a picture of my pretty pretty doctor yesterday. I have this cool new phone, which I love, that has a really good camera (for a cell phone). But, guess where my cool new phone was.
On my kitchen counter. Yeah. I am still having memory loss problems.
So, I've googled and googled until I can google no more. And the only picture I can find of my pretty pretty doctor is below. It's teeeeny and the resolution is teenier. I tried to enlarge and sharpen and crop and was disappointed.
Alas, you'll just have to lean in really close and peek at him. But watch it! He's MY pretty pretty doctor, so don't get cozy or nothin'!
He actually has a lot more gray hair now than in this picture. But that's fine with me. The Mighty Hunter has a lot of salt with his pepper.

Beverly was asking me what I found out about my knee yesterday. My answer? "he has soft hands. and they touched my knee and ankle. and he has a great sense of humor! and I hope my sandals didn't stink."

And that's EXACTLY what she was wanting to know.

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Jennifer Playgroupie said...

You are so funny! Thanks for the picture update!