Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Clumsy Doofus Update

Good news. I finally got to see my pretty pretty orthopedist today. Yes, he is still a pretty pretty man. And, yes, he's still happily married with 3 kids. But a post partum mom can dream, right?

More good news. My knee was much better last night and even more so this morning. But because I had already set my heart on seeing my pretty pretty orthopedist, I kept my appointment. I'd hate to disappoint him and leave an exam room vacant.

Even more good news. Xrays showed no fractures at all, no surprise. Knee is just bruised and should turn a hideous cool shade of purple and green soon. Ice and heat and rest and elevation and compression bandage. It should continue to heal on its own over the next few weeks.

Still more good news. I didn't need a return appointment.

Bad news. I don't need a return appointment to see my pretty pretty orthopedist.

Possibly a little good news. If it doesn't improve and continues to swell for another 4 weeks, I should come back and see my pretty pretty orthopedist, possibly an MRI (which would require yet another rendezvous appointment, and then maybe physical therapy. There are some nice looking physical therapists too.

I have one question. And if you know the answer, then you MUST share it with me...

What is this "rest" thing? Can you buy it at W-M? I wonder what it sells for on e-Bay. Does it make its own mess that I have to clean up too? Can I use it a little bit at a time and save some for a "rainy day"?

I've gotta get me some of this "rest" stuff.


Anonymous said...

First of all, this thing called "rest" is a hot commodity and very very hard to come by. I think I saw it going on ebay once for 10 grand...Too much for me to afford. I think people like pretty pretty orthopedists can afford it only.

Now. Secondly. Why haven't you gotten a picture of said pretty pretty orthopedist for us laypeople to ogle?

We could use some joy too you know.
Selfish selfish woman.

hee hee....

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

REst? I'm not sure I follow...I've never heard of it!

Glad to know you're not broken!

moosh in indy. said...

Rest is a four letter word, not seen, heard or done much in our house.
From what I've heard it can involve fantasies over pretty pretty doctors.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know it's going to be ok!

But, I do see some slight pain in the future that might cause you to run to the pretty, pretty doctor... just to be safe!