Tuesday, June 12, 2007

No baby yet

This is not funny. This sooo NOT funny. Rachel went to the hospital Sunday evening. Contracting hard, laboring good, but "no progress". She stayed until today and checked herself out. She's back at home to rest. She may turn around and go back to the hospital tonight.

Basically, no baby.

A little song I'm just now making up, hum the Oscar Mayer bologna song in your head...

I can tell you how to sleep now
I can show you how to get some rest
Epi-dural drugs!
Oh, you'll love it as you push real hard
and when he's born I know you'll saaaaaay
Epidurals are the way to have a baby born today!

Also pitocin.

She's quite a trooper. I just hope she doesn't get caught in traffic when she decides to pop the little bugger out!

I'll tell more when there's more to tell.

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