Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I've got nuthin'

Hi. Here I am. dum dee dum dee dum.

I'm aware I've not posted much lately. Sorry. It's summer. There's stuff going on. And Islands to visit.

Oh, and Vacation Bible School. This week is VBS at our church. Last year, I was the first few weeks pregnant and not feeling well. It was not fun for me.

This year, I'm nursing a baby and pitching in for a whole 5 minutes each night.


And Hannah Montana to watch. Lots of Hannah Montana to watch. And we love our Hannah Montana.

Also Animal Planet.

Can someone tell me how to quit a job when your dad was the boss? Because he keeps calling me to handle simple crap for him that he needs to do for his dang self. grrr

Can someone tell me how to stop my family (mostly my husband) from twisting the seatbelts and getting them pulled ALL. THE. WAY. OUT. AND. STUCK. AND. TWISTED. so that only the Toyota dealer or a proctologist can release it and untwist it? I have not owned my Pimped Out Mamamobile a whole year yet, and The Mighty Hunter has already gotten the front passenger seat belt twisted and extended ALL. THE. WAY. OUT. TWICE!

He's seat belt learning impaired. And it gets on my last nerve.

Confession time:

Stinkerbell makes me swear. She makes me want to swear even more. She pushes my buttons to the point that I can't deal with another. single. word. out. of. her. mouth.

She is dancing back and forth across the little girl and big girl line. Barely out of kindergarten, not yet ready for first grade. She is desperately missing the time she and I have shared with each other and no one else. Lucky is precious to her, but he is this giant baby barrier between her and her mommy.

And it's all driving me nuts.

She's trying her best to understand and be patient but gets all weepy and emotional and woe-is-me. And that's my gig.

I'm looking forward to the time when Lucky doesn't need ME and I can hand him off to a baby-sitter for an afternoon and play with her and her alone. I'm thinking Libby Lu and Chuck E. Cheese.

Thanks for sticking with me through this Summer of Boredom. I promise to look for more interesting things to blog about.


For the Love... said...

Ohhh, I remember the "cusp of 1st grade."

Maybe this will help, Auburn's first game is only 66 days away!

Anonymous said...

I hate twisted seatbelts! The Wog's carseat is twisted & it drives me nuts every time I put him in it!