Saturday, June 02, 2007

So you think you can dance walk

Yesterday was just loads of fun.


I needed to help The Mighty Hunter by securing the wireless network at his showroom. So, I gathered Stinkerbell and Lucky and enough diapers and crayons and construction paper to entertain and cover the butts of the population of Rhode Island, packed them into backpacks for Stinkerbell to carry down the stairs.

I was wearing a pair of sandals different from my faves for the first time this summer. My faves were smelling like someone else's feet. Because mine don't smell like feet. ahem

Stinkerbell was toting the backpacks down the stairs to the garage (in the basement) ahead of me. I was coming behind with Lucky in his car seat carrier thingy.

Halfway down the stairs the carpet grabs the toes on my right foot.


The sandals temporarily disables my right foot.


I clumsily drag my toe on the carpet like a doofus.

Probably the last one.

anyhoo. In slow motion, I went down. In my head, I said a prayer to protect my baby. From my mouth came something not nearly as wholesome and Christiany. "ooooooooooohhhhhhhh sh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+."

The crash test results of a mommy falling down stairs with her child in his Graco SnugRide, ramming said carseat into a wall of very ugly 1970s panelling, mommy's knee hitting car seat's bottom portion of carseat near baby's feet?


Mommy's knee? swollen and going to sport a very big bruise. Mommy's ankle that twisted as she fell down the stairs? stiff and achy. Mommy's elbow with a mysterious abrasion? ouch. Mommy's right shoulder? fine yesterday, but stiff and sore this morning.

Lucky was fine. It scared him and he cried for a few moments. Stinkerbell was also scared. She calmed down and entertained Lucky until I realized my knee cap was not broken and I could indeed move and bend my leg. I can walk, but I can't put all of my weight on that leg and can't climb stairs normally.

This is one of those times when you think of what might have happened. Stinkerbell could have been 5 seconds slower getting off the bottom step and would have been squished. There very likely would have been broken bones. It would have been horrible. But I'll be ok. I'll limp around for a few days.

I may go see my handsome orthopaedist Monday. That means I'll have to figure out how to shave my legs without bending my right knee. And, no, I'm not that flexible. I wonder if I can talk The Mighty Hunter into putting some of that Veet on me. Any opinions/experience with it?

My middle name is Sue, not Grace. I tell you this because I know you're gonna ask.

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Jennifer Playgroupie said...

I'm so glad you're alright, as are the kiddos. At least there may be a handsome doc in your future?!