Monday, June 25, 2007


I've been researching procrastinating this meme. But since Bee was kind enough to tag me and share with me her favorite places to eat in her beloved Birmingham, I want to go ahead and do this before I find the answer to high gas prices secure peace in Iraq forget again.

So, where are my favorite places to eat here in my beloved NE corner of Alabama? I could link to all the dozens handful of restaurants and whatnot. But, believe it or not, very few of them have websites.

Here is the listing page from our local tourist association. It lists some of the good, bad and questionable places to eat here. My favorites of the local places serve bbq, burgers, chicken (wings, etc), steaks, etc.

Since I'd like to be all linky with this meme, I'll share with you some of my favorite eateries in places other than my DeKalb County.

1. Buca Di Beppo - an interesting and yummy Italian restaurant chain. I ate at the one in Alpharetta, Ga, for Rachel's bachelorette party. GOOOOOOD food. Fun atmosphere. Goooooood food.

2. Olive Garden - no, it's not very special anymore. It has saturated most metro markets. But I love my breadsticks with some Alfredo sauce.

3. The Park Grill in Gatlinburg, TN - I've written about this unique and scrumpdillyicious place before. I'm trying to convince myself that a 3-hour drive to a one-of-a-kind, incredible restaurant is not a total waste of time and money. My fave dishes are the "moonshine chicken" with a side of their roasted garlic mashed potatoes and "P-kan Chicken". Their desserts are worth the trip alone.

4. Cheeburger Cheeburger - One of the fond memories of splurging on meals out while poor college students. Not healthy. Not low carb. Not fancy. Not a problem. Paper towels for napkins and baskets of onion rings.

5. Wing Stop - Garlic Parmesan boneless with fries and Ranch and Sprite to drink. That'll do for me. The Hawaiian and BBQ are also good.

I also love Spaghetti Warehouse, Cheesecake Factory and many other just plain good food joints.

Now I need to tag 5 others. Unfortunately, most of you have already done this one. So, if you haven't already shared your fave places to go eat out, now's your chance.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for playin'!
Did you know they closed both of my Cheeburgers here in Bham?? Bummer!

Where is that Wing Stop place??... I want to go there and order the exact thing you order!

I got hungry and had to go grab some Ritz crackers while I commented!