Monday, August 04, 2008

Betcha never heard this one...

While trying to keep Stinkerbell awake so that she would go to bed at
a decent hour, I told her to open her eyes.

"I'm awake Mommy. I'm just blinking long."


Kaye said...

That's terribly cute! Kids rock!

elizabeth said...

Stubbled across your blog today quite by accident (googling ideas for a rock star party for my daughter). I was hooked by your writing and sense of humor. I also would love to know how you do that frame/background around your photos on the blog. They look fabulous.

Pleasure to meet you in blogoshpere!

elizabeth said...

Oh, whoops!...I mean, stumbled, NOT STUBBLED!!

Im tellin' you these kids will suck the brain cells right out of you!