Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Never mind that other stuff

I don't have any news on the business front. When asked if his day was "good," The Mighty Hunter merely said, "all right, I guess."

Man of many words, he is.

When asked what he thought of Mr Nashville, he said that his opinion of him hadn't changed yet. Meaning, he'd rather "be in a roomful of rattlesnakes." (And if you only knew the degree of his snakephobia!)

He told Bev and Misty to be careful what they wished for.

So, Bev and Misty were at work yesterday, knowing we can't pay them. God love those girls!

Napoleon, CFO and The Mighty Hunter met with Mr Nashville and that's all I know. When I know more, I'll blog it - pinky swear!

moving right along...

You may have noticed (or maybe not) my new Etsy shop thingy over there on my sidebar. I have listed some card designs at www.keriscarddesigns.etsy.com And, since we're possibly going bankrupt and all, I thought I might as well pimp it here.

So, go look at what I do with all my spare time. When I'm neglecting home with Lucky, teaching him his colors and shapes and how to read keeping him off the fireplace.

Also! I'm running a SALE!


If you order a design (or 12!) from my etsy shop before September 30, you receive $2 off your first design and $1 off any additional design! No Limits!

"You know those Germans, they always make good stuff"

Anyway, I'm offering YOU! My Bloggy Friends! an additional discount!

"You'll be saying Wow! each time you use it!"

If you use coupon code "bloggy buddy", I'll give you another $1 off each order!

And, if you can tell me which infomercial I'm quoting, well I'll give you a bloggy hug or make up a blog award for you.

That's all I have for today.

Thanks, and I'll be watching for the sales to SKYROCKET!!!

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