Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hello, nice to meet you

I'm not the only one who uses a bloggy pseudonym. I could link to most of the bloggers that are in my Reader, but that would take too long and you'd get bored OR you'd click away and read about their Much More Exciting And Interesting Lives and you'd never get back to me and that would break my bloggy heart and you'd also never finish reading this terribly insufferably long run-on sentence.


I've written as the Auburn Gal Always since the beginning of my blog. It seemed like a way to be unique, while instantly communicating my affection for my alma mater and DISTANCING myself from that other school in our state (blech!) I'm still perfectly happy being the Auburn Gal Always - because it still describes me very well.

But it is not nearly a complete description of me. Unfortunately, there's just not a neat and succinct name for everything I do and everything I am.

Christ Follower, Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Lover, Friend, Blogger, Wannabe Photographer, Amateur Graphic Designer, Chef, Chauffer, Auburn Fan, Softball Mom, Soccer Mom, Insecure, USA Network Original Series Addict

See, there are just not enough words that starts with a vowel there. Just try pronouncing it.


So, today, I'm bloggy outing myself.

(Not that way.)

I suppose I should add Straight to the list above.


I will continue to use blogonyms for my husband and children. I don't want to take away their privacy without their permission. But for reasons that are income-related, I am now proud to introduce myself...

My real name is Keri. I am 37 (yikes) and am married to my college sweetheart, The Mighty Hunter. Next month, we will celebrate 16 years of stressfilled blissful happy marriage. No, it hasn't always been rainbows and unicorns and puffy hearts, but it has been always been good, in general. He is a wonderful, big, gruff teddy-bear of a guy. We have two children. Our daughter, Stinkerbell, turned 7 in January 2008. Our son, Lucky, was born 5 days after Stinkerbell's birthday in January 2007 (that makes him 18 months right now.) We live in NE Alabama (specifically, Fort Payne) - a small piece of heaven that God dropped down here for a few of us to enjoy before we join him. We are all AVID fans of our beloved Auburn University and obsessively watch their football games and love to drive down to a game each season.

So, there. You can start googling "Keri" in Fort Payne, Al, and see what you get.

But you can still call me the Auburn Gal Always - cause it totally fits.


Super B's Mom said...

I love that pic. It's not fair that you can make a goofy face and still look pretty. My goofy faces strike fear into the hearts of grown men.

Btw...nice to meet you Keri from Fort Payne. =P

Kaye said...

Hi KERI. Nice to meet you. I outed myself and my family about 2 months ago. I just got tired of proof reading to make sure that I didn't type their names accidentally. I am still withholding our last name. There are ways to find it out that aren't that hard, but I'm not going to openly publish it.

As for the award...I have no idea what it says. I've seen it on other sites and want to say that they had a better description for it, but I can't seem to find any of those sites now (of course!).

By the way...War Eagle. =)

Enjoy the award and I'll continue enjoying your blog...regardless of who frequent or infrequent it ends of being. =)

Kaye said...

Found out about the award. Go check on the info on my site (where my award is) to see... =)

Anonymous said...

Nanny nanny boo boo! I already knew all of that!

I know your address too! :-)

Still not brave enough to come out of my bloggy closet!

Melizzard said...

Okay - I took the challenge and googled "Keri Fort Payne AL" and the top links were for

Witches Meet-Up
Goddess Meet-Up

So I'm thinking you've launched a dating service for pagans? Yeah that sounds about right .. LOL.

All I can say is War Eagle!

auburnlover said...

Hi Keri!
War Eagle!