Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Rambling

So, today is Friday. yippee!

I guess it means more when your week is measured by actually getting up and going somewhere and doing something.

Not that I don't get up and do something each day. It's just that my Fridays are filled with the same activities that every other day has. Even Saturday and Sunday. Meals, laundry, diapers, cleaning (or not), bills.

Oh, don't be jealous. It's not all fun and games. Somedays are special, and I get to shower (like today.)

So, today is Friday. But this one is special...

What is so special about today?

Tomorrow is opening day of the 2008 Auburn University Football Season.


What has kept me so busy this week that I haven't had the chance to post anything here?

1 sick day for Stinkerbell
1 scheduled (and cancelled) job interview for me
1 great card design LOST due to program crapping out on me
2 health insurance policies purchased for the family
2 much political crap on tv
2 new card designs listed (go buy something!)
3 trips to Salvation Army with donations
3 trips to the dumpster at the office with trash, of course
3 boxes of Puffs Plus opened and used on the abundance of snotty noses

I will not blog about bankruptcy. I will not blog about bankruptcy. I will not blog about bankruptcy. I will not blog about bankruptcy.......

except for this...

It's still a terrible burden on The Mighty Hunter. He still blames himself. I was doing much better until Misty sent us each very sweet cards that opened up my almost-scabbed-over wounds and made me start crying again yesterday (Hey Misty! It's ok! I loved the card! Thanks! Smooches!) He's meeting with the attorney again this afternoon.

I'm through now. Thankyouverymuch.

almost forgot...



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Michelle said...

WAR EAGLE BABY!!! We had a great time...will you all make it to a game this year??