Thursday, August 07, 2008

File this under secret (?) humiliation

I dressed myself up this morning and left Lucky with my mom while I left resumes for a job at Stinkerbell's school.

I returned home with lunch from Sonic and didn't enjoy it. I'm not enjoying much in the way of food right now. Which is ok. I could really stand to lose some of the fluff that has collected on my butt and thighs and tummy.

After lunch, the sky turned dark and the wind made the weeds in the yard sway. I realized that my trip to W-M should be made quick, fast and in a hurry to keep me from getting soaked.

I ditched my nice, job-seeking clothes for the jeans I wore yesterday and a tshirt.

Groceries purchased.

Stinkerbell retrieved from school.

Oreo Blast from Sonic consumed.

Resume and writing samples emailed to job prospect.

Couch sitting begun.

But there is something beneath me making my couch potatoeing not so comfy. I reach down to brush away the whatever the kids left on the couch that I didn't notice. Nothing is there. But there is a small lump inside the seat of my jeans.

The jeans I wore yesterday were still holding the panties I wore yesterday. In a nice, little, lumpy wad.

Hello. My name is Stupid.


Lynette said...

ohhhh...that's like someone telling you there's a sock stuck to your back AT LUNCH. Not like it's ever happened to me or anything *ahem*. But I would guess.

midlife mommy said...

What's worse, I think, is when the panties come out the bottom of your pants. Not that I would know, nope, not me.

Michelle said...

It could have been worse...

Been thinking about you and praying for your sweet family.

Kara said...

A good laugh. I came across your blog via vicki courtney and enjoyed reading a little bit about you. This blog entry made me think of one Sunday at church I wore my fresh new pair of jeans and a lady stopped me on the walkway and said, "mam, you have the sticker still stuck to your pants." Great! On the back of my jeans was the sticker that revealed the size pants i was wearing. Ha :) It was funny.
Enjoy coming back soon and reading more.

Kaye said...

This is great. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that things like this happen to! Thanks for the laugh.

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