Friday, August 29, 2008

Of chapters and chapter books

The Mighty Hunter met with our attorney today. We now know what's
going to happen... sorta

He will file Chapter 7 - just him. I didn't sign ANY personal
guarantees, so I'm protected and half our assets too.

The company will also file Chapter 7.

We have to list Every Single Thing we own. And since we live in his
dad's house, we have to list everything there that is not ours.

Dear Lord but I dread that and all this stuff.

Stinkerbell is very smart. Because she is my kid I'm required to say
that she is smart. The "very smart" part is no less true just because
she is mine.

This was the third week of second grade for her. The tests that
determine her reading abilities on a grade level put her at 3.4
already. (third grade plus 40% progress to fourth grade.) Me being
the Most Aggressive Mom Ever, I want her to advance through the levels
as fast as she can. This is accomplished by reading 10 library books
at each level and taking short comprehension tests on each book. Last
year, she took three tests each day. Her first grade teacher realized
she could handle it and encouraged her to do as much as possible.

Mrs. Second Grade Teacher is only allowing the class to do one book
per day.

Needless to say, but we'll be having a conference soon.

Hello, my name is Keri and I push my daughter to do her best and work
hard, because she has to learn hard work now before she learns she can
coast through school like her mom did. I want her to get the academic
scholarships I didn't get because I was lazy. She will not repeat my
mistakes. And, yes, I am compensating for my personal failures through
my children. Isn't that why we had them in the first place? Isn't
this kinda like parental reincarnation?

No, I don't believe in reincarnation.

I'm going to publish this and watch Stinkerbell not get struck by
lightning during soccer practice. Lucky and I are perfectly safe in
the Pimped Out Mamamobile.

Happy Labor Day Weekend y'all.


Kelli said...

If she is capable of testing on more than one book a day you should definitely talk to the teacher about it. Ask why there is the "one book per day" rule. Could it be that they are doing so much classwork that the teacher does not have time to let them test on more than one? (not likely from most of the schools I have experience with) Does the teacher think she is not able to handle more than one, since the books are getting bigger and the tests harder on a higher level? You are the mom, you know your child better than the teacher. Its possible that you might just have to have her read a lot at home that she does not get tested on at school. That is what we had to do, because our son's teacher did not do testing on a daily basis. Don't let a bad school hold her back!!!

Super B's Mom said...

Good for you for reaching beyond status quo. If she is capable, she shouldn't be penalized for the talent to excel. GO MOM!

midlife mommy said...

Good for you! If you don't advocate for her, no one will. I had a teacher in 4th grade who decided she didn't like me because I read the Andromeda Strain and understood it. It was on her college freshman reading list. She proceeded to make my life miserable after that. I still hate her.

Not allowing your daughter to advance seems like it is either due to laziness or a self-esteem problem (hers, not your daughter's). It is not pushy for you to want your daughter to learn at a pace that is right for her.