Sunday, April 15, 2007

7 years.

Today is one of the days of the year that has meaning for everyone. Everyone in the US (even those who do not pay federal income tax) know what happens every year on this date. Except this year, today is a Sunday, so tomorrow is the deadline. (I don't know why I felt compelled to explain this. Y'all know. duh!)

But today is a very special day for me and a close friend of mine. It is so special that it helps me forget my hatred for accounting and fear of taxes.

blurby recap:

7 years ago today was a Friday, and it started normally enough.

I had put in a full day of work as the Wholesale Sales Manager for an ornamental concrete manufacturer (birdbaths and pots and fountains and stupid little statues.)

My mother-in-law was quickly losing her battle with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

The Mighty Hunter had finished a week as the claims adjuster for a major national insurance company (aka crappiest job in the world.)

The little group of people in our church that performed special songs practiced that night.

The Mighty Hunter operated the sound system for us.

We had baby-danced that morning. (Isn't that a sweet way of saying bumping uglies?)

I got pregnant.

Our very close friends who were married 1 week after us were facing a crisis in their marriage as she checked herself into rehab for codeine, etc addiction.

So, today, as I self-medicate with chocolate chip cookies and cold milk, I think of how my very brave friend faced her addiction and the demons that lay with it and beat them. I think of how she suffered physically as she detoxed and emotionally as she worked through her recovery, rebuilt the lost trust in her marriage and family, sought forgiveness for the damage she had wrought , devoted herself to her son and husband and a myriad of other humiliations and growths I can only imagine. I wait until I know she will have a few minutes to herself so that I can call her and tell her "happy birthday." I know that many years I've been the only one to remember this day and congratulate her.

None of you know who she is. And that's just fine. I would never out her here. But in this quasi-anonymous community, I want to express how proud I am of her. She inspires me. There are a couple of you who read my ramblings a little regularly now [blush]. If you are a member of the same club as this friend of mine, you have a share of my admiration for the courage you exhibited in cleaning up and remaining clean. I realize, through this particular friendship, that it is a daily struggle, physically and emotionally. I admire your courage as you deal with those demons.

You rock!

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Anonymous said...

I have NEVER heard the term "baby dance" before. That's hilarious.

Kudos to your friend. I cannot imagine how hard it would be to come back from that!

You rock, too!
(Can you tell I'm catching up on my blog reading??!!)