Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Stupid strikes again.

Piece of advice, from me to you, because I love you more than myself.

Do not EVER take a picture of yourself with a digital camera pointed up at your face. No matter how irresistable the urge to show your blog reader(s?) the big fat lip that your sweet son gave you with is baby headbutt move.

No one wants to see your fat lip.

No one wants to see your sallow skin.

No one wants to see the dried out Death Valley cracks in your lips.

No one wants to see your nose hairs.

Really. No One.

And you'll only want to curl up under your bathroom counter and cry.

umh. yeah.

So, Lucky is sweet and adorable and has not yet mastered the control of his head. You'd think that I would learn that babies can suddenly lurch their pretty little bald heads forward very quickly and with great force. You'd think that I'd learn that after every single baby has head-banged my mouth and made me bleed. You'd think.

Oh, no. I'm way more stupid than any of you realize. Really, lower your expectations.



A little more.

There. Right between Rabbit and Eeyore.

Eeyore just passed me.


I'm soooo excited. One of the funniest bloggers left a comment.


on my post


little ol' me

Normally, I'd probably italicize, bold, underline and SHOUT. It doesn't seem decent. And you'd realize I'm a lonely, lonely dork.

I'll try to be cool now.

Hey, Jay. Good to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.

Oh yeah. I'm cool.



Have a great day kiddos.

I have to try to shower now.

And find an ice pack for my fat lip.


Dork out.

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Jennifer said...

You are one funny gal! I've had a few comments from people that I want to show off, too!