Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A very talented web designer, blogger and mom has been given a very frightening diagnosis. (Brain tumors are just plain scary.) Heather and her family are no strangers to major illnesses (including organ donation).
I don't know Heather. I think I've left 2 comments TOTAL at her blog. And both of them have been since I followed the link from BooMama to learn more about Emma Grace and, now, Heather's health hurdle.
I've been amazed at the genuine love and concern we in the blogosphere and, more specifically, the Mommy Blogging Neighborhood (cuz that's what it feels like to me, a neighborhood, where we have coffee, have playdates and make great friendships) has shared over Heather's immediate future.
I've also been amazed and absolutely blessed by Heather's strength and her focus on God's guidance and sovereignty in this time of her life.
So, today, BooMama is sponsoring a webathon for Heather, to help with the expenses as she goes to the Mayo clinic, etc, for 2nd opinions and, possibly, treatment. If you have a dollar or two or more, please share it for this quite worthwhile purpose.
Also, Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry is making it all competitive-like with a contest for those of us who share the word and do what we MUST! DO!, blog about it. You should go and look at all the bloggers who have posted about this.
Go on, now. Look.

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Diane said...

I, too, am simply amazed at the loving, caring and generous community of bloggers that have responded to this need!