Friday, April 27, 2007

Kay Carroll
Rother Carroll
Candee Parrish
Vernon Carroll
Jenny Kirby
JB Stinson
EL Bowen
Minerva Casey
Marvin Chandler
Nellie Stover
Tanya Rudder
Peggy Monroe
Roger McDowell

Cancer has touched each and every one of us in some way. When we lost The Mighty Hunter's mother in 2000, our lives really CHANGED. She was a very charismatic person; full of humor, love, life and smart as a whip. She fought her cancer with the determination and discipline of a professional, world class athlete. Given 6 months to live, she proved to her doctors that diet and nutrition can make a significant difference in quality and quantity of life and lived 2 years. During those months, she lived a life full of joy and grace and dignity. Having given her heart to her Lord as a child, she made sure to share this relationship with others at every given opportunity. She sang like a lark of her love for Jesus. She devoted her time to helping her family and providing for them in every way. She lived.

When I was five, an older cousin lost her leg and then her life to bone cancer. A beautiful, blonde-haired little girl of 10, she loved gymnastics and ganging up on me with my brother. But she never lost a strand of those golden locks to the radiation or chemotherapy. Or her perfect smile.

I will light candles in their memory. I will walk and talk about them, remembering their lives. Because it's their lives that matter. Not the cancer that snuffed out their lights. Their lives.

And I will walk in honor of The Mighty Hunter's dad and my mom's best friend. I will celebrate their victories over cancer. I will laugh with them and look forward to their futures. Because it's their futures that matter. Not the cancer that threatens them. Their futures.

Together we will listen as the names are read. We'll cry. We'll remember. We'll celebrate. We'll raise money to fight cancer.

Find the Relay for Life in your area and get involved.

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Beba said...

I don't know what to say. I've lost to young friends and my adopted grand mother by that ugly sickness. I can only pray for protection and remember them the best i can without fear.