Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What is your dream job (besides Motherhood)?

1. I would like to donate my days to medical research. I feel as if I could really make major contributions into the fascinating and important research into the sleep patterns of American women in their mid-30s from NE Alabama. Mostly because I just need sleep.

2. Blogger. Because the ability to use links in my personal communications and journaling is in need of more practice.

3. Photographer. I love to photograph my kids. But I don't think I want to take pictures of anyone else.

4. Pajama tester. (see #1 above)

5. Kindergartener. Wouldn't it be just ultra-cool to wear fun, colorful clothes? Have silly, out-of-control hair? Have the energy to run and jump and crawl and gallop and climb trees and sing and dance from the minute I get out of bed until the minute I am forced, kicking and whining, to go to bed? See the world as BRAND! NEW! AND! EXCITING! AND COLORFUL! AND FUN! AND! INTERESTING! AND! COOL!? Be small enough to still be carried around by my parents when my legs are sooooo tired? Be able to say "pweeeeeeeeze" and get most anything in the world? Be able to climb into my mom and dad's laps for a snuggle?

6. Pillow tester. (see #1 above)

7. List maker. Well, because I'm good at lists.

8. Bedsheet softness tester. (see #1 above)

9. CHBM Carnival thinker-upper.

10. Professional shopper. Why let these mad, God-given skillz go to waste?

11. Alarm clock snooze tester. (see #1 above)

12. Food critic. 3 words: mad, God-given skillz.


Makita said...

If only one could paid for some of these, then life WOULD be a dream. :)

Sarantium said...

Pajama tester, LOVE IT.... where do I sign up

Aaron & Alaine said...

I was so I want to dream again. Thanks for helping me dream bigger and bigger, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz- I'm sleeping in my dream.

Great post.

Queen Heather said...

If someone paid me to be a List maker, I'd be rich!

Too bad kindergarten isn't what it us to be. Way too structured now to allow for a lot of running & jumping (only 40 minutes of that allowed 3 times a week, the rest is organized PE), colorful clothes?? well, there's school uniforms I guess?, and wow, what fun to take quarterly exams too. Woo.

A personal shopper would be great.

Love all of your sleep theme gigs...they do sound heavenly!

DSB said...

Great list! They all sound dream-worthy to me. And I agree with not letting any mad, God-given skillz go to waste!