Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Recipe Rally!

This week, Crazy Hip Blog Mamas is featuring desserts in their Recipe Rally. Great! My favorite food group!

I've made a few different desserts over the years. I've baked a few cakes. I've made brownies. I've made homemade ice cream. But the dessert I go back to over and over again - mostly because of its quick and simple preparation and complete YUMMINESS - the #1 dessert in the Auburn Family Always house is chocolate chip cookies.

Again, I've made chocolate chip cookies from scratch. I've tried the mixes in the store. I've tried many different recipes, looking for the Perfect Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie. I've found it:

Perfect Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Mostly, I have hints for using the dough: Preheating oven is not necessary. I often turn it on just before putting cookies inside. You may store dough in the freezer and bake immediately, without waiting for it to thaw. Use a large knife to slice the dough, if frozen.

Use the temperature on the package - 350f. I set my timer for 8min 45 sec. I then do a check every 60 seconds or so.

The cookies are done when the square shape has just barely disappeared and the cookies are barely browning on the edges.

Yes, I use pre-packaged W@l-mart brand cookie dough. It costs about $1.75 per package. I can produce 20 incredibly gooey and yummy cookies in about 35 minutes. I figure that it's cheaper than buying a bag of chocolate chips, flour, eggs, etc. And at least twice as fast.

I'll share one more recipe.

Doodoo Cookies (aka #2 Cookies, No-Bake Oatmeal Cookies)

4 cups water
2 cups sugar
2 very heaping Tbs cocoa powder
Instant oats
4 oz cream cheese (more or less according to taste)
1 heaping Tbs smooth peanut butter (more or less according to taste)

In a large sauce pan, combine water, sugar and cocoa. Increase heat until this reaches a good rolling boil. Allow to boil until bubbles become large and mixture is thicker and it reaches the “hard ball” stage.* When hard ball stage is reached, remove from heat. Quickly stir in cream cheese and peanut butter, a perfect mixture is not necessary here. Add oats to mixture until your preferred consistency is reached. Less oats yields a more candy-like cookie. More oats yields a more chewy cookie. With a tablespoon or small serving spoon, drop cookies onto wax paper or parchment paper. Allow to cool. Lick the pan and spoon clean to conserve water and soap during clean-up.

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Found your doo doo ball cookie recipe via web search. I really like the clean up part.