Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pollen. Since I've been under the care of my OB for roughly the past year, I've not seen my regular doctor for anything. I saw him once at the local Western Sizzlin' piling the fried chicken and macaroni n cheese up on his plate. He spoke to me and congratulated me on my BULGING pregnancy. We invited him to sit at the table with us. He declined, claiming to enjoy eating alone occasionally. I wanted to poke him in the hand with a fork. I THINK I might enjoy eating alone occasionally too. I wouldn't know. But I look forward to the pollen parade so that I can go and share our family's wages with our doctor $30 at a time. This is what makes our nation's economy work. Spend Spend Spend. Especially on fun stuff like antihistamines, anti-biotics and Puffs Plus.
Bugs. Eventhough our winter was relatively mild, we didn't see any flies or mosquitos or gnats over the past few months. Gosh. There's nothing as special as finding a fly sitting on the nose of your newborn son.
Lawnmower. It is sooo much fun to drive that big orange Kubota round and round and round and round and round. I love to lean waaaaay over the side to mow under the low limbs on the magnolia trees. While I've never gotten a tattoo, I proudly display the scrapes and bruises I get while mowing under those trees. Those scabs? They're cool.
Gas prices. With the travel and vacation season arriving, the gas prices always increase JUUUUST enough to make it hard to afford that trip with the kids to the neighborhood park.
Power bills. Here in NE Alabama, it gets so wonderfully hot and muggy. Sticky. Even the blue blood ladies of the town stop perspiring and start sweating. My mom has a saying, "it's so hot that a kleenex would stick to my face and never come off." But we have the great opportunity to once again contribute to the nation's economy by paying more of our income to the local electrical utitily board to try to maintain a relatively comfortable temperature in our house.
Tornado Warnings. I'm such an adrenaline junkie. It is plain thrilling to hear the weather radio alarm and tell me that an F3 tornado touched down 2 miles away from my house and is rushing over to suck off my roof and impale pine trees with playing cards. Stress! Excitement! Fun!

See? There's so much about Spring that I enjoy. Most of those special Springalicious things are related to the bastard son of the four seasons: Summer.
Ok, there really are things that I love about Spring. It's been a while since I did a list...
Spring Love List:
1. dogwood blooms
2. redbud blooms
3. buttercups/daffodils/hyacinths
4. comfortable temperatures for just a few weeks
5. fun afternoons playing outside with Stinkerbell
6. teeball (my secret stress reducer!)
7. end of basketball season (why does the NBA think they should play 10 months of the year?)
8. being outside without high risk of sunburning my delicate pasty skin
9. barefeet that aren't cold
10. flying kites
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busybusymomma said...

Good to know I'm not the only one stressing about those darn gas prices. It costs me $8 in gas just to go to the next town for groceries. Good grief!

DSB said...

Hahah, I just had to laugh at the comment about finding a fly sitting on your newborn's nose!

I hate gas prices, too. I spend about $5 per day just doing the normal things, and my car gets good gas mileage.

Just here via the carnival!

Sharon said...

Oh, being barefoot comfortably! I love the feeling of bare feet on freshly cut grass. :)

venessa said...

Got to you through the carnival. :)

Funny list!

I can definitly relate to #8 on the pros list, being on the pasty side myself. Although I have already had one sunburnt this year. Ouch.