Monday, April 16, 2007

G!rls G0ne W!ld

This week is Spring Break for Stinkerbell. She is beginning to express the feelings of the first-born child who now has to share her parents' attention with a baby brother. We are very thankful that she has not acted out in inappropriate, aggressive, bratty ways. yet. We've tried very hard to give her some special attention each day. We've not been 100% successful, but we've tried.

She has begged for a puppy for months (years?). We finally relented and got her the cutest, dumbest black lab puppy, Jake, a week ago. I suppose the Easter Bunny could be given a little credit. Today, she commented on how Sport (our old, stinky farm dog) seems very sad and is not getting any attention now that Jake is here.

"I wish we hadn't gotten the puppy."

Being a graduate of the Dr. Phil school of psychology, I caught on. I knew that she was just transferring her feelings of being overlooked to the dogs. When I asked her about this, she admitted as much.

So, this week, I have promised to spend as much time as possible doing things that SHE wants to do. We plan on going to the park! Dressing up and having a Tea Party! Making lots of cookies! Eating all those cookies! We might go to the zoo in Birmingham tomorrow. Saturday, she has a birthday party at Club Libby Lu. If Lucky will go to sleep, we'll take the monitor outside and fly! a! kite!

So, forgive me if I don't post regularly this week. I'm trying to win the Mom of the Year, and she is the only judge.


A note to Jennifer at Playgroups and BooMama... I voted for you at Blogger Awards! Cuz you keep me smiling!


We slept till 9:30 this morning. I slept till 10:45 yesterday morning!


Jennifer said...

The ending about sleeping almost makes me want to hit you, but hitting isn't nice!

Have fun with your girl! I'd love to go to a tea party!

Thanks for the vote! I'm almost up there with Dooce!

Damselfly said...

"I'm trying to win the Mom of the Year, and she is the only judge." So true!